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nonplussedbyreligion-deactivate asked:

Hi. About the "Never Again" image of the woman holding the hanger, it's not about a peaceful attack. Back alley abortions used to done with hangers causing the infertility or death of women. This is about women no longer willing to stand by and allow ourselves to be forced to do this again. We won't resort to their tactics, like bombing abortion clinics, but we will fight and vote against anything presented that stops our rights to medically safe abortion. Good blog by the way.

Thank you for the clarification. I just have a fierce and unwavering unbelief in the power of peaceful protests when it comes to lawmakers… especially in America. It doesn’t work anymore. The people in power have simply stopped caring what the common citizen wants and they now cater those with money or prestige. I was just trying to state that if we want to make a change, we have to fight the same war they are fighting. If they are stripping us of our liberties, we need to respond appropriately… and telling women what to do with their bodies is definitely stripping us of our liberties. Thanks again for the message… it’s always nice to meet a fellow human.

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